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PED 1081x1,8kW,digital to switchboard287
PED 2022x450W,digital to switchboard287
PET 1051x1kW,digital, transistor to switchboard287
PET 1021x450W,digital, transistor to switchboard213
LC 1-100%Dimmer ballast for fluorescent tube 1-100%Information by phone


PER 6106xrelay 10A,230V to switchboard259

Other modules

PEA208Two channels analog output module229
PEC25Converter RS232 to RS 485108
PEE120Programmable module for 12 scenes370
PEF150Control module for fluorescent tube dimmer ballasts (DALI)229
PEF200Control module for fluorescent tube dimmer ballasts (DSI)229
PEW200Two channels IR control module259
FDC13Control module for dimmers 1-10V185
PES03Anti-interference module for 3 switched circuits58


CA0130Jumper cable PEX bus l=0.2m6
CA0131Jumper cable PEX bus l=0.5m7
CA0132Jumper cable PEX bus l=3.0m10
CA0132-9Jumper cable PEX bus (min. 5m)l m / 3
RJ-11-4MCable connector for PEX bus0.8
 Flat cable - 4 wires / 1m0.3
 Data cable 4*2 wires, twist / 1m0.3
SRO 3-22Screened cable 3 wires / 1m0.6
PEXConfiguration program (1 CD)4

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